Introducing Bridger3D

31 Jul 2023

Introducing our Agnostic 3DS -Secure, Faster and Effortless Payments! 

We are thrilled to introduce our new Agnostic 3DS technology tailored to revolutionize payment authentication processes. At BridgerPay, we understand the challenges you face in providing a smooth and secure payment experience for your customers while maximizing revenue. That's why we have developed our own Agnostic 3DS with a clear mission in mind: to offer our clients the best possible payment experience in a frictionless payment flow.

Seamless Payment Experience with Bridger 3DS

Frustrating white screens and the need for multiple external 3D experiences during transactions are the current situation of businesses that process online and on mobile. Bridger 3DS offers a smooth and secure transaction process that customers can enjoy, by using a unified payment authentication across multiple acquirers. As a result, it removes the need for the end-user to verify themselves over and over again. This transformative technology also works hand-in-hand with our BridgerRetry™ mechanism and turns payment declines into approvals, boosting the approval ratio and conversion rates.


Benefits of our Agnostic 3DS

Enhanced User Experience: Implementing 3DS can improve the way customers interact with your website or app. It reduces the need for multiple authentication attempts, making transactions smoother and quicker. This leads to fewer instances of users abandoning their shopping carts, resulting in more successful purchases.

Agnostic 3DS Liability Shift: By directly connecting transactions to the issuing bank, Bridger 3DS ensures that in any dispute, the liability shifts to the bank, not the merchant. This provides merchants with protection against financial losses from chargebacks and other issues

Increased Approval Rates: By reducing the number of 3D Secure sessions and minimizing friction during the checkout process, your business is more likely to experience successful transactions and approvals. Thereby it can increase your conversion rates and overall revenue.

Lower Transaction Costs: Adopting Bridger 3DS as a cost-effective solution for merchants, means you only have to pay a single price for the service, instead of separate commission fees to each Payment Service Provider (PSP). 

Faster Transaction Time: Bridger 3DS simplifies the checkout process by minimizing the number of 3D Secure sessions required for each transaction. The time taken to complete a purchase is reduced, providing a more efficient shopping experience for customers.

Universal Compatibility: Bridger 3DS is compatible with any issuing bank from any country, as well as all six major credit card schemes. It works seamlessly on any device, whether it's a mobile device, a web browser, or a point-of-sale (POS) system, giving you broad accessibility and flexibility.

Bridger 3DS technology is here to transform the way you handle payment authentication, providing you with a powerful competitive edge in the market. Experience the future of payments with Bridger 3DS, empower your business, and offer your customers a faster and more secure payment journey. 

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