BridgerPay Hosts CFO Event in Dubai

BridgerPay Hosts CFO Event in Dubai
04 Jul 2022

On Wednesday, June 29th, BridgerPay hosted a CFO networking event in Dubai.

The event, co-hosted by Conor McHugh from Alchemy Search, brought together over 75 CFOs and Senior Finance professionals giving them a chance to catch up with peers and discuss the challenges of the ever-changing payments landscape.

BridgerPay sparks the decision-makers’ interest

Notably, the appeal of BridgerPay to many different verticals was shown by the presence of CFOs and Group CFOs from 5 top law firms, and 4 consulting companies, along with colleagues from Fintech, Aviation, Manufacturing, E-commerce, and SaaS. Some of the world-renowned brands represented were: Amazon, MoneyGram, Pizza Hut, CISCO, and PWC.

Noel Connolly, GM MENA at BridgerPay, said: “Introducing BridgerPay and our presence in the Middle East was great. With over 25k new business licenses being issued in the UAE, alongside huge IPOs and fundraising rounds, the region’s capabilities and footprint have skyrocketed. Add to that a population of over 450m people in MENA and the complexities that payments bring, and the logical conclusion is that there has never been a better time for companies to turn to BridgerPay to scale faster, eliminating a lot of the pains caused by payment processing.”

The future of payments in the MENA region

With major players in the payment processing industry recently choosing Dubai as their base of operations and the exploding demand for both local and global payment methods in the MENA region, being able to control payments end-to-end from a single platform and connecting to new processors quickly has become a must. BridgerPay’s Lego-like interface allows any business to do that with unprecedented ease.

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