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WebSummit 2022 Wrap Up

WebSummit 2022 Wrap Up
07 Nov 2022

WebSummit was great this year, probably more than every previous year. Why? This year, payments seemed to take the center stage. Our Bridger Dream Team met merchants from many, many verticals, and from all around the world. Here are the takeaways.

All Verticals Are Looking for Better Payment Solutions

As we said, merchants from all verticals are in need of a way to optimize their payment stack and save money and resources. Nonetheless, four industries clearly emerged as the most eager to find an easy to implement solution: 

  1. eCommerce
  2. Hospitality
  3. Logistics
  4. Financial services

The Most Pressing Issue Businesses Are Facing

What emerged from our conversations was that the single biggest concern for merchants is having just one payment provider. This, combined with the complications of integrating and managing multiple providers in-house, creates huge headaches.

We were pleased to see that the industry leaders we met got the benefits of BridgerPay right away, and we are looking forward to continuing the conversation with them.

Final Thoughts

As every year, WebSummit was eye-opening, and it allowed us to understand what our users really need. It was great to see that we are definitely heading in the right direction. Payments are always a big issue for businesses, because there is always room to optimize. We are building the ultimate platform to automate all payment flow according to any business logic, and people are getting that. Get in touch with us to learn more.

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