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PrestaShop Module: Dynamic Checkout and Codeless Payment Automations for All Merchants

20 Jul 2022

If you are using PrestaShop as your eCommerce platform, congratulations! Awesome choice. And your Presta store is about to become a whole lot better with the new BridgerPay Module for automating your payment operations. 🚀

With the boom in eCommerce brought by the pandemic (projected to be worth just over $5.5 trillion in 2022), it has become more important than ever for merchants to offer more payment methods than credit cards. To reach international customers and open new revenue streams, you need to adapt to the local markets’ preferences (open banking, BNPL, alternative payment methods, Google Pay, Apple Pay, etc.). How? On eCommerce platforms, it’s extremely hard to manage multiple addons for payments, if they are available at all. The solution is a unified platform, with one dynamic checkout, that easily allows you to connect your store to any payment method you need to scale faster. In other words, the solution is BridgerPay.

At BridgerPay we are on a mission to solve all payment processing challenges, forever. With our module, you can automate your payment operations end-to-end without compromising on your business logic, reduce cart abandonment, and increase revenue without spending a single additional dollar on marketing.

Perfect Payments with the BridgerPay Module

Our PrestaShop Module, like all our other plugins, has been built to speak the language of the platform and is the only payment module you’ll ever need to satisfy all your processing needs. BridgerPay is already the default payment integration for PrestaShop in 17 countries, and installing it will allow you to:

  • Connect and manage any payment processor. ****500+ ready-made connections are available for you to use, and it’s all codeless. This means zero dev-time 🎉. Our Module is provider-agnostic and it allows you to manage both payments and refunds in PrestaShop.
  • Have a universal, dynamic checkout with no redirects. Keep your customers in your website and improve the payment experience by getting rid of annoying redirects and pop-ups.
  • Rescue declined card payments. Bridger Retry™ is our proprietary technology that saved declined card payments in real-time by submitting them to fallback processors. It has already saved $130+ million for merchants worldwide. How much revenue can you save?
  • Automate your payment flows. Our drag-and-drop, Lego-like interface empowers your payment operation through automated rules and payment routes to display, use, and leverage only the best payment providers for every region, currency, transaction amount, and dozen of other filters and combinations.
  • Make impactful, data-driven decisions. BridgerPay keeps all your transactions in the same place, independently of the processor. Our reporting engine allows you to get previously unavailable insights in one click.

How to Install BridgerPay for PrestaShop

Glad you asked! It couldn’t be easier. As we said, our extension speaks the Presta language and was developed specifically for Presta merchants, this makes it extremely easy to install and use:

  1. Sign up for a BridgerPay account (you can even start for free) and choose PrestaShop in the connection step
  2. Download the BridgerPay Module and install it with the Module Manager
  3. Activate it in the Configure menu with the Activation Key you got during signup and you are done! 🥳

We also have a great PDF Guide you can check out.

How to use BridgerPay to Scale Your PrestaShop Store

Once you are integrated, you are ready to login into your Bridger Admin and start automating your payment flows.

  • Start by connecting the payments processors you need, just pop in your credentials and you’ll be ready to go 😊
  • Drop your connected processors into Routes to localize your checkout. You can adjust the order of the credit card processors via drag-and-drop to change the retry order
  • Head to the Report section to get instant insights about how to optimize your payment operations even further 📈

You can find detailed guides in our Help Centre, and our support team is always available to help you via live chat 💬

Step Into the Future of Payments

PrestaShop is an easy-to-use, customizable, and scalable eCommerce platform. BridgerPay adds the same custom scalability to your payment processing as well, anywhere you are, anywhere your customers are.

Ready to take your PrestaShop payment operations to the next level?

Don’t miss the chance to cut your cart abandonment, lower payment processing fees, and open new revenue streams. Get started for free today 🤘

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