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WooCommerce Plugin: Universal Checkout, Any Payment Method, No Code

WooCommerce Plugin: Universal Checkout, Any Payment Method, No Code
23 Dec 2021

Most online merchants use eCommerce platforms to manage their shops. If you are one of them, you know how hard it is to manage multiple payment options, especially if you trade internationally. Today, customers demand alternative payment methods like Paypal and eWallets, or easy buy now pay later solutions like AfterPay, Klarna, and Hoolah

In 2021 eCommerce will generate a record $4.8 trillion, with the value forecasted to go over $6 trillion by 2024 and most of that will go through WooCommerce stores. If you are a store owner, you now need to offer more than a credit card checkout, especially if you want to attract international customers. The truth is that no payment provider can meet all the needs of a modern online business.

On the other hand, very few eCommerce owners have the resources and overhead to develop a payment system that works in every scenario. There is a need for an easy-to-implement solution that just works.

This is where BridgerPay steps in, we are on a mission to solve all digital payment challenges. We believe in the payment experience as a growth tool. Payments need to become user-centric, merchants need to be able to meet customers’ demands and:

  • Offer diverse payment options. Credit cards, bank transfers, eWallets, etc.
  • Make payments seamless, no redirections, no ugly checkout pages
  • Offer local payment methods

We are excited to announce that BridgerPay allows you to do that, simply and with no code.

The perfect checkout with BridgerPay

Our extensive research showed that there is a fundamental problem with digital payment plugins for WooCommerce shop owners:

  • Most payment providers don’t have a WooCommerce plugin
  • If there is a plugin it may not work well
  • If the plugin works, managing multiple PSPs is a nightmare

With the BridgerPay plugin for WooCommerce, you install just one plugin and you can start processing through any payment method you want (it takes minutes).

This means no more compromises. Choose any PSP you want and make your customers happy worldwide. 

Start processing in three easy steps

You want to offer the right payment method to your customers. With the BridgerPay WooCommerce plugin you can do it with no code:

  • Create a BridgerPay account (it’s free)
  • Install the BridgerPay Plugin
  • Connect PSPs and start processing

We developed the world’s first self-onboarding payment orchestration software, and it’s free. BridgerPay replaces all your payment plugins, customizations, and heavy use of your tech resources, but you will still enjoy the advantages of using any payment service you need through BridgerPay, even those that are not offered by WooCommerce!

Create a payment infrastructure that rivals the biggest online retailers fast and at a fraction of the cost. 

All the power of BridgerPay in one plugin

After you have connected your WooCommerce store to BridgerPay, you will be able to do much more than simply process transactions:

We speak WooCommerce

The BridgerPay Plugin for WooCommerce was created by our dedicated team of WordPress and WooCommerce expert developers. It is built to integrate into WooCommerce’s back- and front-ends perfectly.

We listened to the needs of all the WooCommerce merchants, they wanted a plugin that is:

  • Easy to use and configure
  • Connects to any PSP
  • Makes payments orchestration easy
  • Supports growth
  • Is future-proof

Do you own a WooCommerce store? Get in touch today to learn more about BridgerPay plugin for WooCommerce.

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