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TopFX signs up a partnership with the AI-payments platform BridgerPay

TopFX signs up a partnership with the AI-payments platform BridgerPay
13 May 2019

The Institutional prime broker TopFX signs a new partnership with BridgerPay that is an AI payment technology provider. This partnership will allow the TopFX clients in getting exclusive terms when starting up a forex brokerage business.

The clients will be benefitted under a full speed deployment to the market using the integrated all-in-one feature that offers from TopFX

TopFX has been a active in the institutional liquidity market for almost a decade now and has been delivering tailored solutions to every client. The prime offering of the company has been its new product.

The product has been focused on offering multi-asset Tier-1 liquidity via Spotware’s cTrader trading platform suite. BridgerPay has highly impressed the broker with their technology so far.

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BridgerPay is not a PSP, or an acquiring service, and we do not provide any processing merchant accounts. Bridger is a PaaS (payment-as-a-service) company that allows businesses to utilise one API to consume all payments from any method or provider that is connected within BridgerPay’s ecosystem.