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One Software, 3 Ways to Grow Your Business This Holiday Season

One Software, 3 Ways to Grow Your Business This Holiday Season
01 Dec 2021

There is no need to look for last-minute hacks on how to drive your sales up in the upcoming holiday season. BridgerPay empowers you to solve all the payments issues that plague your business during this busy and extremely important time of the year

Someone says: “Holiday season is upon us” and all we’d like to hear are bells, chimes, and the “Ka-Ching!” sound of our cash register successfully recording one sale after the other. Unfortunately, all business owners around the world know that this is far from the truth. Declined transactions, clumsy refund flows, exasperated customers, and a limited ability to offer customers the checkout options they want make it hard to benefit from the most wonderful time of the year.

BridgerPay empowers you to get rid of all these problems. Period. Not only that, you can do it fast. No one in the industry can connect you to multiple PSPs in a matter of minutes, we can (read here how ZALORA, Southeast Asia’s leading fashion and lifestyle e-retailer, did it).

Zero processing downtime

All PSPs are at risk of downtime, especially when their systems are stressed by the increased volumes of holiday shopping. If you can’t process transactions for even a few hours your customers will go somewhere else, every minute is money you are losing. Even worse, it’s customers that will be lost forever and will never recommend your store to friends and family. You need fallbacks in case your first option fails. Bridger Router allows you to have these options. One PSP is down? Doesn’t matter, you will continue to process your transactions through someone else and your customers’ experience won’t be compromised at all. Be the most trusted merchant by achieving zero processing downtime 🦸‍♂️

Offer local payment methods and BNPL

Local payment methods are the most secure and trusted by users (find out why here). BridgerPay gives you access to any payment method you need to grow and expand (choose from 350+ local payment methods worldwide, and we are adding more every week). This means that anywhere your customers are, they will be able to pay the way they want. Not only that, Bridger Router allows you to show only their preferred payment method, making the whole experience seamless.

Furthermore, buy-now-pay-later (BNPL) methods are on the rise. Every region has its preferred BNPL providers, and we give you access to all of them.

Take control of your payment stack, choose only the best providers for you and your customers, increase your margins and improve security.

A client lost during the holiday season is lost forever

Abandoned carts during the holidays are not just a handful of lost transactions. You permanently lose clients and, even worse, referrals. It’s lost money this year, next year, forever.

BridgerPay has a few different ways to help you avoid this huge issue, and turn holiday customers into superfans of your brand:

  • Show your clients only relevant local PSPs with Bridger Router (choose between 350+ options). The number one reason for a successful transaction is the user’s confidence in the payment process: with BridgerPay you can give it to all your customers, anywhere in the world.
  • Rescue transactions declined for technical reasons. BridgerRetry™ automatically retries declined transactions with different PSPs until it’s converted or finally declined. Save over 26% of declined transactions, recover revenue and improve your customer’s trust. Your clients won’t notice a thing, and their checkout experience will be as smooth as always
  • Offer secure PCI DSS level 1 compliant checkout without investing in any tech. You can use BridgerPay’s checkout, it has state-of-the-art security and it’s customizable to your look and feel, so you can offer the best customer experience possible and complete peace of mind
  • Offer payouts to specific users or issue refunds directly from the Bridger Admin or through API, no need to log into multiple PSPs back offices
  • Consolidated support. Our experienced customer support is ready to help with any issue promptly, no need to contact multiple customer services

Like a diamond, a happy customer during the holiday season is forever. If you lose them, they will simply go to someone else, if you retain them, more customers will flock. Let BridgerPay help you 😊

What’s there to think about? Time is short, and you need to solve your payments issues before the holiday buying starts. BridgerPay is the only software that addresses all your digital payments problems in a matter of hours. You can register, integrate and start processing in no time!

Try BridgerPay today, it’s free!

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