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BridgerPay removes the headaches of payment providers integration, checkout setup, and clumsy payment experience.


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One integration to our REST API gives you access to:

  • 350+ Payment Providers, choose the ones that give you the best rates and margins
  • Greater security with local payment methods and PCI DSS Level 1 compliant checkout
  • Bridger Safe’s advanced tokenization for one-click transactions globally


Choose what’s best for your business, anywhere in the world.

  • Connect to any PSP in minutes, no coding required
  • Manage all refunds, payouts, and subscriptions from the same dashboard or API
  • Show only the payment methods that are most relevant to your customers, increasing your chances to convert


Improve your payment stack, save money, and increase revenue.

  • Easy, centralized reporting on all your transactions, independently from the processor
  • Rescue declined transactions with BridgerRetry™ and Split payments with PayWith™
  • Get insights based on millions of transactions worldwide with Bridger BI
We’ve helped over 5 million consumers pay over 11 million online transactions in 2021.
With a 99% retention rate, BridgerPay is the award-winning payments operations platform that scales your business.
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“BridgerPay delivered much faster than what was promised and we managed to keep the timeline that was agreed with the partner.”

Kannan Rajaratnam, zalora Regional Head of Payments

The speed of delivery on the integration was astounding, they delivered much faster than what was promised. This is something that I have not seen with anyone else. With BridgerPay doing the heavy lifting on the PSPs integration side, we are able to use specific payment methods for every region.

Regional Head of Payments, Zalora portrait

Kannan Rajaratnam

Regional Head of Payments, Zalora

At MiniHotel, we found BridgerPay to be the standout choice with its multitude of gateways and payment service providers. Their excellent API, top-tier support, and personalized care from top to bottom made the decision easy. Operating in 70 countries, BridgerPay naturally fits our global clientele. My favorite feature? Tokenization – a game-changer for us at MiniHotel.

CEO & Co-Founder, MiniHotel portrait

Yuval Shtokhamer

CEO & Co-Founder, MiniHotel

BridgerPay has a great team of professionals who understand our business and technical needs perfectly. The main reasons we are working with BridgerPay are the great support from different departments in their company, literally 24/7, the ability to remember and handle every single request, and finally, their super positive attitude.

Chief Product Officer, PlanYourTrip portrait

Alejandro Stivelman

Chief Product Officer, PlanYourTrip

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BridgerPay is a global, cloud-based fintech platform designed to optimize your growing business payment needs.